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About Us

About us

   Inspired by a Christmas Toy Drive, the program founder decided to take action and try to make a difference. Unfortunatly, in today's day and age in many lower-middle class communities, we often see children raising children. Young single mothers, who are yet to finish school, that now must provide for and nurture their young. 

With little resources, and some with no support system what so ever, these young women need all the assistance they can get. We are here to help! To provide materialistic help, guidance and support. To motivate them to become successful individuals and help overcome stereotypical under-achievement. 

The program is currently under development, yet with your help, we are striving to see it flourish. 

A letter from the Founder...

To Whom It May Concern,

   I am a mother of two beautiful boys, and although I wasn't a teenage mom myself, I witnessed many of my friends and associates struggle through it. 

   Being a mother, I understand how much commitment, love, and support raising a child takes. I also understand the feeling of wanting to give your child the world, and the pain you feel when you realize you may not be able to do it.

   Each parent only wants more for their children than what they had growing up, yet at times, life doesn't go quite as planned and we must improvise in order to survive and be successful. No one said it would be easy! In fact, the truth is, it will be very hard... But, as long as your mind and heart is in it, you can achieve the goals you set for yourself. 

   If you are a teen mother seeking assistance, WELCOME! We will try our best to help all of our clients. We also plan on hosting variuos events and workshops for you and your child, where you can recieve assistance, education and simply be able to socialize with other teen moms.

   If you are here to help us by making a donation or volunteering, THANK YOU! Every body and every dollar counts! It is thanks to you that our program exists, and we appreciate all the effort.

   I started this program in hopes of helping young mothers in need and am commited to keeping an "open door policy" at all times. If you have any questions, and wish to contact me directly, you may do so by going to the "contact us" page of this website and sending a message to our e-mail adress with my name(Milada) in the subject line. You may also reach me by phone, at (507)CHANCE1. Thank you all for your time, your effort and your patience.

Best Regards,

Milada Mironova